Day #40 August 1st the Final Video Amarillo to New Braunfels, Texas

Saturday morning,  departed Amarillo in a heavy downpour at 8am with just 50 feet of visibility. As we pulled out from the hotel, a small group gave looks at the Ranger as if he was crazy to depart under those weather conditions. Soon we were heading south toward Lubbock, Texas—the home of the late singer, Buddy Holly, and his band, the Crickets. After an hour of riding, the skies cleared and we proceeded at a steady 80 mph clip with strong cross-winds. The cold front soon passed astern as we outran the weather system. The 500 plus miles of today’s (and the final day’s) ridel went fast. It was a good ride and by 4:20pm we reached home—New Braunfels after a long ride. Rich Gillard (class mate) plus a mystery guest were interviewed in this video. Thank you all for riding along during the 40 days. Our efforts to reconnect and reunite with class mates was successful—especially because of all of you. Thank you for riding along on this 9,200 mile journey over the 40 days 8 hours and 20 minutes.

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Day #39 July 31st Denver, Colorado to Amarillo, Texas

Reposted and fixed some minor errors.

Larry and Carol Armstrong’s home in Denver after a great gathering last night. Larry cooked a great breakfast and by 8am we shoved-off for Amarillo, Texas. His local knowledge of the traffic paid-off, riding on Monaco street avoided the traffic jam and we sailed through the downtown until we joined up with I-25 south. We encounted throngs of Harley riders heading north to their giant rally in Sturgis. They are expecting 1.6 million riders at Sturgis this year!

Enjoy today’s video and music!

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Day #38 July 30th Green River, WY to Denver with stop in Cheyenne, WY

Departed at 8 am from Green River under clear skies. Stopped to see class mate, Wendy Paff (Nimmo) in Cheyenne. Then on to Larry Armstrong’s home in Denver. We had an enjoyable gathering and dinner at his home and his wife, Carol, was the perfect hostess.  James Hawkins surprised all of us with his Wikipedia-like knowledge of our class of 65′ at M-A. At the end of the video, enjoy James singing an M-A cheer that class mate Dick Vohs composed—who knew? A surprise photo of the Hoover Elementary School 8th grade class of Mr. Cohn’s. You should recognize some of our high school class mates. Enjoy! (just two more videos to produce!)

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Day #37 July 29th Gathering in Sandy, UT and ride to Green River, WY

The gathering at Craig Jarrard’s home in Sandy, Utah uncovered the most fascinating story of two of our class mates during the Vietnam War. This story never been told to our class and exemplifies the very best of our class of 1965 at Menlo-Atherton High School. After hearing this story, I called Terri Bloberger (Araman) and relayed it to him. He immediately wanted Dick Lund’s phone number and email to express his gratitude.

Enjoy the video and music.

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Day #36 July 28th Boise to Sandy, UT

Second try publishing this video. Youtube blocked the audio of this original video and I noticed this at 4am this morning. It was flagged because of copyright issues with three of the songs. All should be fixed now. That’s why I don’t use Beetles’songs.

We had a great gathering in Salt Lake City. I split up the five life stories into two parts. Two of the five are included in this video and the other three will be included in video #37, hopefully published by Friday morning. Enjoy!

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Day #35 July 27th Monday—Ride from Jackson, WY to Boise, Idaho

Martha and I departed Jackson at 8am and up and over the 8,000 foot Grand Teton Pass. We decided to take the scenic (long mileage) route via Arco and the Craters of the Moon National Park was recommended by our Boisean class mate, Guy Burnham. Just pass the town of Arco, we encountered lightening, hail, and heavy rain from an approaching cold front with 52F temperatures and wind chill about 42F.

It was bare knuckles as we rode 30 miles with ice on the two lane highway–fearful that we might go down.

We soon overtook the front and enjoyed blue skies and 75F. We arrived at Carolyn Crosby’s home—wow! and she hosted local class mates:  Jill Kramer, Janice Detlor (and husband Jack Scripps), Guy and Jinks Burnham, and Martha and me. Carolyn prepared a delicious dinner and Guy brought two home-made apple pies—so delicious!

Later we visited Jan’s historic and beautiful home. That will be shown in the next video (#36).

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Day #34 July 26th Sunday Billings, MT to Jackson, WY via the Beartooth Mountain Pass & Yellowstone National Park

Departed Billings at 7:20am following our host for the past four days, Brentley. We had perfect weather until we crossed the summit of Beartooth Pass (11,000 feet) when wind gusts and rain greeted us. That pass is challenging for motorcyclists with lots of traffic and many sharp switchbacks. Entering Yellowstone Park from the northeast entrance, we encountered rain for the next 1-2 hours. We saw lots of bison (buffalo) grazing, as well as the Grand Canyon of Yellowstone. We finally reached our destination, Jackson, Wyoming by 4:20pm. Enjoy the video and the music.

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Day #32 July 24th, Friday Day #2 of the BMW Motorcycle Rally in Billings, MT

This is an exciting demonstration of stunt motorcycle riding by professional BMW riders and their bikes. The Pea’s wheel bearings were changed out successfully and all the tires (Princess and the Pea) were refilled with nitrogen—should improve tire wear and hold pressure over time better that air.

Enjoy day #2 of the Rally. Saw an old friend from the southern California BMW club, Jim Budlyma (forgive spelling).

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Day #31 July 23rd Billings, MT Day #1 of 3 of the BMW annual motorcycle rally of the USA

First day of the rally!  Rode behind our Motorcycle Travel Network host, Brentley, to the rally grounds in Billings, Montana. Martha sat in on a cookware demonstration and bought a set of lifetime guarantee Westbend pots and pans. Our daughter-in-law in Pittsburgh will enjoy our old cookware that will be obsolete once the order is received in mid-August.

I was able to retrieve the USB charging cable that I ordered 10 days ago–an important piece of the Bluetooth helmet communications that had failed that long ago. Now Mrs. Ranger can give me instructions (orders) as we ride and also I can receive/make cell phone calls, as well as hear the GPS lady giving me specific directions along the route. I tore the helmet apart and replaced the charging cable—all good now!

We enjoyed a nice dinner at a local restaurant with Brentley (he owns five motorcycles) and his wife, Cindy is on a 2 month motorcycle ride around the USA–a very active lady in her mid 60’s.

Enjoy the video

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