First day of the rally!  Rode behind our Motorcycle Travel Network host, Brentley, to the rally grounds in Billings, Montana. Martha sat in on a cookware demonstration and bought a set of lifetime guarantee Westbend pots and pans. Our daughter-in-law in Pittsburgh will enjoy our old cookware that will be obsolete once the order is received in mid-August.

I was able to retrieve the USB charging cable that I ordered 10 days ago–an important piece of the Bluetooth helmet communications that had failed that long ago. Now Mrs. Ranger can give me instructions (orders) as we ride and also I can receive/make cell phone calls, as well as hear the GPS lady giving me specific directions along the route. I tore the helmet apart and replaced the charging cable—all good now!

We enjoyed a nice dinner at a local restaurant with Brentley (he owns five motorcycles) and his wife, Cindy is on a 2 month motorcycle ride around the USA–a very active lady in her mid 60’s.

Enjoy the video

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